This website is dedicated to the memory of David Stanley:
A gentle soul who had the courage to stand against the tyranny and injustice that he suffered.
Another victim of Operation ORE but he left us the evidence we needed.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

Thanks from all of us Dave - The fight goes on.
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Since 2002, accurate information about Operation ORE has been difficult to collect and even more difficult to verify.
This web site aims to correct that situation by providing a reliable source of provably accurate information for victims, researchers and the simply curious.

Source references are provided throughout and these will usually be either statements and exhibits presented in UK Courts of Law, or files identified within material from the Landslide computers which was obtained from the US by David Stanley in September 2006.  A large part of this information has been confirmed as accurate by prosecuting authorities through their experts.   There is no evidence to suggest that the remainder is not equally accurate, although be warned that accurate does not necessarily mean reliable.

Compilation of this information is continuing slowly so bookmark this page and return regularly for the latest factual information as it becomes available.

In an attempt to avoid the fables and folklore which have dogged the stories about Operation ORE, throughout these pages references are made as follows:-
  • Landslide refers to the company - Landslide Inc. based in Fort Worth, Texas.  It may also refer to the associated website www.landslide.com.

  • AVS refers to the Adult Verification System operated by Landslide.  This was a subscription service involving a number of websites whereby a subscriber paid for access to one site and was granted access to the others for the duration of his subscription.  The use of the word 'Adult' suggests that participating sites offered access to pornographic material - it cannot be taken to indicate whether that material was legal or not.  Statements by U.S. witnesses assert that AVS sites were "predominately adult pornography".  This assertion is entirely unsupported in either the statements or the evidence.  It is known that there were lists of sites participating in the AVS scheme available for potential subscribers to browse.
    AVS is also used to refer to the associated website (operated by Landslide) - www.avs.landslide.com.

  • KEYZ refers to a pay-per-site subscription system operated by Landslide.  This was a subscription service that allowed a successful subscriber to access a single site for the duration of the subscription.  This single site was that used by the caller to subscribe from (see How it all worked for more detailed information).
    As far as is known, there were no lists of sites participating in the KEYZ scheme for users to choose from.  Statements by U.S. witnesses assert that KEYZ sites contained "predominately Child Pornography".  Once again this assertion is entirely unsupported in either the statements or the evidence.
    KEYZ is also used to refer to the associated web address operated by Landslide - www.keyz.com.  This was not a website in the normal meaning of the word.   Rather it was a repository for the programs used in operating and maintaining the KEYZ subscription system.  If a casual caller visited it he would see nothing.
From the above it should be apparent that references to 'the Landslide user database' mean the database of subscribers (successful and unsuccessful, AVS and KEYZ) maintained by Landslide Inc.
This database was actually contained within a single file on the Landslide computers (source 5-A00843012\save0000\msql\msqldb\avs\main.dat) but prosecuting authorities in the UK appear to have used additional records from three additional files for evidential purposes.
(sources SN3239-6-A00003162\save0000\mysql-3.22.25-sun-solaris2.5.1-sparc\data\avs\main.isd, 4-A00843012\save0003\webmastr\backup\main.msql.gz.Aug27 and 4-A00843012\save0003\webmastr\backup\main.msql.gz.Aug23).

Other forensic experts have located and examined a further five relevant fragments of this database.  All nine sources have been merged into a consolidated database of over 493,000 individual records.

Analysis has been undertaken using strictly scientific principles - Observe, Categorise, Hypothesise and Test.

  • Collect all available data and examine it for evidence of anomalies, inconsistencies and patterns.
  • Identify and categorise such instances.
  • Develop hypotheses to explain them.
  • Test the hypotheses - discarding those which cannot be sustained and possibly refining those which can.
These last two steps are repeated until firm conclusions can be advanced.

The responsibility for the many inaccuracies and mis-statements which have occurred over the years is largely self-evident.  It is hoped that other authorities and individuals will debate these issues once the unadorned and provable facts have been verified, examined and analysed.

However, the response of the authorities since the data became available for proper forensic analysis leads me to believe that they will spare no effort to continue denying that Operation ORE was entirely and quite deliberately corrupt.

In this case, the information here remains a verifiable record of the facts and events.

At the very least, this is a factual testament to history.